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Every star is a sun as big, as bright, as our own. Just imagine, how far away from us you’d have to move the sun to make it appear as small and faint as a star. The light from the stars travels very fast. Faster than anything. But not infinitely fast. It takes time for their light to reach us. For the nearest ones, it takes years. For others, centuries. Some stars are so far away it takes eons for their light to get to Earth.

By the time the light from some stars gets here they are already dead. For those stars, we see only their ghosts. We see their light, but their bodies perished long, long ago.

- Episode 5: A Sky Full Of Ghosts, Cosmos: A SpaceTime Odyssey

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Stop buying animal tested products.
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Stop buying animal tested products.

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Elinor Carucci | Cherries
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Elinor CarucciCherries

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Boy in Yellow Shirt Smoking, Mark Cohen (1977).
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Boy in Yellow Shirt Smoking, Mark Cohen (1977).

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Camera:Konica RECORDER


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Video - Space
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